Dec 21, 2023

Caliburn G3 vs G2 Review - Which Pod Kit Upgrade is Better?

Uwell's Caliburn range sets the gold standard for flavorful pod vaping. With the launch of the G3 successor, vapers wonder - what's new and is it worth upgrading from the venerable G2? Our in-depth comparison has you covered.

Caliburn G3 vs G2 Review

G3 and G2 Specs and Features Compared

While retaining the same compact footprint, the G3 brings some hardware improvements:

Battery Life

  • G3: Upgraded 929mAh battery
  • G2: 820mAh battery


  • G3: Faster USB-C charging
  • G2: Micro USB


  • G3: Fixed 0.6Ω & 0.9Ω pods
  • G2: Replaceable 0.8Ω & 1.0Ω coils


  • G3: New OLED screen with wattage control
  • G2: No screen or voltage control


  • G3: Non-adjustable based on pod orientation
  • G2: Fully adjustable airflow ring

Additional Perks

  • G3: 4mL max fill, liquid window
  • G2: 2mL fill, no window


  • G3: $25 USD
  • G2: $20 USD

Hands-On Review and Vaping Experience

Having tested both the G2 and new G3, here are our impressions:

The G3's boosted battery capacity delivers fantastic endurance even for heavy vaping. While the G2's battery life was decent, the G3's lasts noticeably longer between charges.

USB-C fast charging brings the G3 from flat to full in around 60 minutes - far quicker than the G2.

Closed-system pods load e-liquid easily via the generous top cap aperture and large 4mL capacity. However, flavor longevity is slightly shorter than the G2's hot-swappable coils.

The new OLED interface grants great control over output wattage to tune the vape intensity. The automatic draw activation also works flawlessly.

Lack of airflow customization is disappointing yet flavor and cloud density remain excellent regardless thanks to the well-tuned pods.

Nic salt or freebase e-juices both shine brilliantly with the 0.9Ω MTL pod tailored for nic salts and the 0.6Ω pod optimized for airy DL rips with freebase blends.

Pro-Con Analysis

G3 Advantages

  • Longer battery runtime
  • Faster charging
  • Improved 4mL pods
  • Handy top-fill window
  • Wattage adjustment

G3 Disadvantages

  • Pods not rebuildable
  • Airflow not adjustable
  • Slightly pricier

G2 Advantages

  • Adjustable airflow
  • Coil heads replaceable
  • Cheaper price point

G2 Disadvantages

  • weaker 820mAh battery
  • Slow micro USB charging
  • No variable wattage

Verdict - Minor Gains But Worth Upgrading For Battery and Charging Perks

The Caliburn G3 retains everything that made the G2 legendary while bringing sensible upgrades like adjustable wattage, bigger battery capacity, smoother top-fill, and rapid USB-C charging.

Our hands-on experience confirms flavor and vapor consistency stay top-notch. Losing the freedom to tweak airflow somewhat dampens its customizability yet most vapers will appreciate the extended runtime and zippier charging.

Unless you must have the ultimate flexibility in airflow options, the Caliburn G3's quality-of-life improvements make it a worthy successor earning our wholehearted recommendation. For all-day battery endurance minus charging downtime, the G3 hits the sweet spot.